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ARGO FPH Edward Ciechanowski

[Польша] SET CHARCOAL GRILL PAINTING 25x28 cm + roller "multicolour"

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A set of grid paint (drip) is made from polypropylene black (material of the plants - the stem of the handle or black) and a roller made from fabric polyacrylic length pile approx. 18 mm core diameter of 50 mm, the length 18 cm, made with hot-melt (seamless) the set is packed in a plastic bag PP pasted label 20x40 mm size with a bar code and address of the manufacturer (possible print black and white other data). Packaging carton. Set dedicated to the emulsion paints, acrylic. The strands of rope length of 18 mm for uneven surfaces. High performance surface of the shaft.
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ARGO FPH Edward Ciechanowski

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